Welcome to the Student Life Communications Marketing Request form!

Student Life Communications is happy to help all Student Life departments with their communications needs wherever possible. Whether it be a brochure, press release, graphic design, website updates, videography or social media, our team is happy to help.

Expected Project Timelines

Please keep in mind that it can take a few weeks to complete projects, and some larger projects may require additional time. Typically, requests should allow two weeks (10 business days) as a turnaround time, but more time may be required for larger requests. When in doubt, submit this form early and we will help you create the proper timeline.

  • Magazines, videos, etc. (20-30 business days)
  • Graphic updates, brochures, press releases, social media, etc. (10 business days)
  • Large campaigns with multiple deliverables, new graphic looks, etc. (10-15 business days)

Revision Process

As of Fall 2022, to ensure that we can provide adequate support to all departments in the division, the revision process for deliverables will be limited to three (3) rounds of back-and-forth edits. This means that when we send you the first draft, you have three opportunities to return it with edits/updates to be made.

To facilitate this process, please be sure that content and intended design concept are approved and finalized by all necessary parties before you submit a marketing request. Additionally, please attach finalized content (Word document with verbiage to be included) and inspirational design concept examples to the marketing request form (below).

Printing and Brand Approval

Communications does not handle the printing of projects. Design files and instructions will be provided, which you are then responsible for communicating to the printer. We are happy to take part in that process (CCed on emails, assisting with approval of proofs, etc.), but due to shipping and payment options, the orders need to arrive from the department they are for.

Communications is also not responsible for submitting final designs to UA’s branding approval process which may take a few days and is required for purchasing anything with UA funds.

Early Semester Asset Deadlines

  • Spring semester project deadline: November 1 for any projects needed from December through January 15
  • Fall semester project deadline: July 1 for any projects needed from August through September 15

Please complete the form below in as much detail as possible, and we will be in touch shortly!