We have collected a few items from UA Brand Standards for quick reference.

Wordmark usage

There are two different versions of your department’s wordmark. There is an official wordmark with The University of Alabama name in it that is best for events that are used on and off-campus. The script A wordmark is best for inner campus usage. Please remember that the Capstone A version must be accompanied by “The University of Alabama” nameplate if it is being used for anything taking place away from campus.

Official (Primary) Wordmark

Official Logo for The University of Alabama Student Life Career Center

Capstone A Wordmark

If you choose to use the Capstone A version of the wordmark it must be accompanied with The University of Alabama nameplate.

Script A logo for Division of Student Life Career Center

UA wordmark resources

Download the UA nameplate or other University wordmarks in various formats.

Special wordmarks

Please note that if you have a long department title and you received a special stacked wordmark it is only to be used on promo items or specified t-shirts, pullovers, etc., when needed. Whenever possible, you need to use one of the two main wordmarks.

UAS Campus Alignment Branding

Please add the UAS System logo on any marketing/advertising pieces that are for external audiences. It does not need to be a certain size or location.

How to update your wordmark

Should you have any changes please notify Strategic Communications by filling out a Departmental Identifier Request and email Christy or Amy so that they can be up to date on your latest identifier changes.

Approved fonts

Official UA Typefaces/Fonts: Minion Pro and Trade Gothic

If you need access to these fonts please email us.

Approved Colors

Official UA Colors

Pantone 201 #9e1b32, Pantone 430  #828a8f and White

Primary UA colors

Accent Colors

Pantone 422 #a2a5a4, Pantone 423 #8e908f, Pantone 424 #6c6f70, Pantone 431 #5f6a72 and Black #231f20

UA Accent colors

Strategic Communications Official UA Brand Standards

UA Brand Standards

Please review the full branding standards for more in-depth details of UA’s branding guidelines.