This page outlines the Student Life and Strategic Communications brand approvals process.

Project Approval Process

Your department must seek divisional approval from our team and Strategic Communications for some branded items.

What needs approval?

Any marketing/advertising materials that reference UA (this includes departmental logos, word marks and logos for events funded by the University) + anything that uses UA funds to produce/print item.

All promo items are required to include a reference to the Division of Student Life. Preferably, you can do this through your departmental wordmark, but at the very least by including the words “Division of Student Life” somewhere on the item. The only exception to this is if the promo item is too small to accomodate the text, in which case the departmental url including “” must be included. 

Step 1. SL Comm Approval

If someone outside the Communications team created your materials, send the design to your department’s communication representative. Provide 1-3 business days for standard designs and 6-10 business days for large publication approvals. Find your department representative on our Staff Page.

Step 2. Submit a UA Branding Form

Upload the SL approved design to the UA branding approval form. Please make sure the person submitting designs for approval is your designated departmental communicator and/or regularly attends divisional communicator meetings.

Step 3. Save Your Confirmation

There are 3 entities included in the approval process: Strategic Communications, Trademark Licensing (apparel/promo items) and Procurement. Your final approval email from Procurement will have an attached pdf that you will need to save for P-card and Concur. Once you have approvals you can order your items with your specific mailing and purchasing information. SL Communications does not order items for departments.

Ordering promo items?

When ordering promo items please keep in mind that you will need to use the list of licensed vendors for The University of Alabama.


Common questions regarding the Strategic Communications branding approval process.