UA Photography Photo Library

View and download stock and event photos from all over campus. Set up an account to access the University-wide photo library Photoshelter by contacting Strategic Communications Photography

Student Life Photo Library

View and download stock and event photos from Student Life specific events and departments. 

Photography requests

Photography requests are available through StratComm. The divisional communications team serves as a supplementary resource for events and shoots StratComm is unable to cover.

All photography requests are subject to photographer availability at the requested time. Please place requests at least one week in advance of the shoot whenever possible and allow 10 business days for turnaround unless otherwise indicated.

Submit your request according to the type of event:


  • Events
  • Programs

Submit StratComm photo request

Divisional Communications

  • Ceremonies/receptions/dinners
  • Guest speaker events
  • Group photos

Submit divisional photo request

Staff Headshots for your department

Headshots are available at scheduled times each month. Search “headshots” on the UA events calendar website to see available times. Your department may choose any approved UA background (inside or outside background) as long as your entire department uses the same background.


Video has become the most compelling way to tell a story and increase engagement on social media platforms. How you tell a story is important. These are tips for creating videos on your phone. Remember to keep it simple.

Before you start:

  • Create a script and shot list
  • Have a vision for how your transitions will look from each shot
  • When creating your shot list make sure you have a variety of close-ups, medium shots and wide shots

Tips for capturing video with your phone


  • Resolution refers to how large the movie will be. The most common resolutions are 1080 HD and 4K with a frame rate of 30. Use 60 frames-per-second for a smoother, less jittery video when depicting action.
  • You may choose to turn the HDR off (in newer iPhone settings) for editing purposes


  • Use the rule of thirds and place your subject a little off center like photography
  • Give your subject enough headspace
  • Depending on the platform you are using, be mindful of how you shoot. If shooting a Tik-Tok/Instagram reel, shoot vertically. If shooting something more commercial for YouTube, Facebook or for websites shoot horizontally. You can always shoot horizontally and just adjust the dimensions in post-production.


  • Find natural light when inside. Have the subject face the window and shoot away from it.
  • Work with the sun when outside. Aim for early morning or late afternoon light so it is not harsh.
  • Overcast days are ideal, but if it is sunny try not to shoot directly into the harsh sunlight.
  • Avoid light source from behind the subject. Make sure it is to the side or behind you.


  • Tap on your phone’s LCD (the point you want to focus) and lock focus on the subject.


  • Audio has improved on phones, but is better if you have a wireless/bluetooth mic. If you don’t have this you can borrow a second phone and start recording the audio while you place the phone in your subject’s pocket and sync up both audios in post-production.


  • For best results, purchase or borrow a microphone, stabilizer/tripod and/or a ring light.


  • Find trends and sounds that are trending on TikTok and Instagram for ideas on how to share information through video.